Equipex Sense City «miniature city»

ilimelgo sense city mini ville climatique IFSTTAR


client: IFSTTAR
team: ilimelgo, BIA, Verdoïa, Scoping
location: Noisy-Champs (France)
area: 800 m²
works cost: 6.5 M € HT
phase/year: delivered 2017
BIM: studies


Equipex “Sense-city” is a scientific project initiated by IFSTTAR located within the Descartes cluster in Marne-la-Vallée.

Making cities “smarter”, i.e. able to adapt permanently to local conditions as well as to the behaviours and desires of residents is everyone’s dream. But before we can make them able to adapt and optimize themselves they must be ‘aware’ of their surroundings. This is the goal of the “Sense-city” project which takes the form of a miniature city, with a realistic environment for the testing of the micro- and nano-sensors that may make smart cities of the future a reality.

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