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Client: Ville de Romainville
Writer : Catherine GASCON, architecte urbaniste
Contributors : Héloïse DE BROISSIA (architecte), Félicie BOTTON (architecte), Karine BERGEVIN (architecte), Asya YILMAZ LEMERLE (architecte)
Espace Libre
Contributor : Anaël MAULAY (paysagiste urbaniste)
Location: Romainville (93)
Area: Strategic site 15ha / Project site: 2,7ha
Results of the competition: Special Mention


By what means and with what resources ?
What is the greatest local resource ? The PEOPLE, the people of Romainville... those who live right here !
By what means ? By creating awareness. By listening. By (R)establishing dialogue !

Romainville has an agricultural and industrial past, and a future on a metropolitan scale. The metropolis and the sense of place, the perceptions and experience of these environments, tell different stories. The Metropolis consists if places that work together, mutually benefitting one another... It includes areas, like the "Murs à pêche", "Mozinor", "Noisy Fort", "Romainville Fort", "the Vasconi Tower"... the tramway establishes the link for the tangible metropolitan reality.

L.A.B.S. intends to position itself within this Metropolis through a variety of enticing features. It is a breath of freshness, a place to visit, a place to live, a place to work where people live and produce in harmony with the seasons.


ilimelgo architectes
ilimelgo architectes
ilimelgo architectes
ilimelgo architectes
ilimelgo architectes