Biomass Boiler Room

Initiated by Scientipôle Aménagement and EDF Optimal Solutions, and under the supervision of ADEME, the "Camille Claudel Energies" biomass boiler is intended to cover at least 70% of the energy needs of the eco-district.
Located at the opposite of the Place de Écoles and Place de la Victoire, the facade of the biomass boiler room is made up of claustra panels made of wooden slats in honey-brown tones, crowned by an attic of raw expanded metal. The concrete base is treated by applying semi-transparent stains in "gold" tones.

The biomass boiler "Camille Claudel Energies" has a power of 3MW supplied by pruning wood, obtained mainly by crushing and chipping branches from the maintenance of forests, parks and gardens located within a radius of 50 kilometers.
The boiler room is thus made up of 2 biomass boilers (1MW and 2MW) and 2 gas boilers for back-up. A virtuous system of energy recovery from combustion fumes allows water to be preheated, improving the overall efficiency of the boiler room.
The 2.5-kilometer round-trip heating network supplies 23 sub-stations at the foot of buildings to provide district heating and hot water to around 2,000 homes, a swimming pool, a school complex and a nursery.

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Client :
Camille Claudel Énergies
Lieu :
Palaiseau (91)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
B2 Ingénierie (BE industrial)
Mission :
Maîtrise d'oeuvre
Area :
900 m²
Construction cost :
4,5 M€ HT
Phase/date :
Delivered in 2013