"Place des rencontres" planning

Initiated by the Agglomeration Community of Val-Maubués, the restructuring of the "Place des Rencontres" in Torcy is a flagship project for the city.

Indeed, the cover of the Place, designed in the 1970s by the Atelier de Montrouge, has a unique heritage character to which Torcéen.ne.s are very attached.

Instead of the current cover made up of an opaque and dark steel tray, we wanted to give natural light to the “Place des rencontres” by hanging metal-textile sails whose patterns seem to spread to the ground through a set of architectural elements forming as many benches, games and flowerbeds for the use of residents.

The project is rooted in the urban renewal of the Arche Guédon district carried out jointly by the city of Torcy and the Paris-Vallée de la Marne urban community.

Depending on the demolitions and developments, the Arche Guédon district, equipped with several public facilities such as the OMAC (Municipal Office of Animation of the City) or the Petit Théâtre de l'Arche, is transformed over time into a lively district where it is good to live and meet.

The “Meeting place” is at the heart of this complex urban device imagined by the Montrouge workshop in the 1970s, in a skilful but complex way interweaving public facilities and collective housing following sets of levels adapted to the steep natural slope of the site.

Our project consists of relocating the current car park to “make room” and stage a micro-urbanity made up of fragments of the landscape, children's games, and public benches.

The three-dimensional structure of the Arch which overhangs the square is preserved while the metal roof is replaced by a set of textile membranes which allow light to pass through but protect the inhabitants from unfavorable climatic conditions (wind, rain, radiation)

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Client :
Agglomeration community of the Val Maubuée / Marne-la-Vallée
Location :
Torcy (77)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Mission :
Urban restructuring study / Project management
Area :
3 800 m²
Construction cost :
Phase/date :
Feasibility 2015