Kayak Center

Near the "Moulin de Douvres", and within an exceptional landscaping, the nautical base of "Paris Vallée de la Marne", built with the assistance of the City of Torcy, houses the activities of the Torcy Canoé Kayak association (TCK ).

Inspired by agricultural hangars with flaps (natural ventilation for boats), the nautical center built in wood on stilts evokes a lakeside town nestled along the banks of the Marne.

The TCK club is officially the first "Handi-kayak point" in Île-de-France.

The Torcy Canoë Kayak club is a 1901 law association created on December 12, 1983.

Originally, the nautical club was located within the walls of the Dover mill which is one of the oldest remains of Torcy with the old castle which can be found on the Atlas of the Royal Roads which dates from the 17th century. .

The mill dating from 853, was rebuilt in 1629 then destroyed by an "allied" bombardment during the Second World War. It is built on an arm of the Marne that surrounds the Island of Dover, which has undergone ecological and landscaping redevelopment.

The nautical center consists of the changing room building (existing) to which is added the boathouse with a repair shop and the dryer, as well as a weight room, an office and the clubhouse.

The constructive arrangements are mixed with an infrastructure below the submersible coast built in reinforced concrete (supported slab and pilings) and a superstructure entirely designed in frame and wood-frame covered with cladding and leaves in Oregon pine.

In addition, the nautical base of the Moulin de Douvres was the first kayaking site in Île-de-France to receive the “Point Handikayak” label. From changing rooms to sports halls, all places are accessible to people with reduced mobility, but also access to water and to the pontoon specially designed for this purpose. On the other hand, sports educators are fully trained to accommodate all disabilities.

As soon as it was installed in the new equipment, the TCK was keen to be able to accommodate anyone regardless of their disability. Complementary adaptations have thus been put in place and specific materials have been acquired for visually and mentally impaired people and people with multiple disabilities.

  • Extract from torcycanoekayak.fr
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Infos projet

Client :
SAN du Val Maubuée
Location :
Torcy (77)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Scoping (Technicla Studies Office All State Corsp)
Mission :
Complete Project Management
Area :
350 m²
Construction cost :
750 000 € HT
Phase/date :
Delivery in 2013