Inter-firms restaurant, "Europlaza"

In the heart of Paris la Défense, we have provided users of the Europlaza Tower with a completely reinvented place to eat and relax, overlooking a garden that was previously difficult to access and inhabited.

Today this multifunctional place, composed of a restaurant with 1,500 seats, a fast food service, meeting rooms and a café-lounge, opens onto a new edible garden.

As for the "greenhouse-restaurant", it fully plays its role of intermediate space in terms of the quality of natural lighting and thermal comfort assuring a gentle transition between the "square" of the restaurant and the garden.

Originally, the project was not to go beyond a simple renovation of the premises adjoining the existing RIE.

Following a global analysis of the garden level situation, we saw the opportunity to completely rethink the premises, which were not only dilapidated, but also difficult to access. In addition, natural light was sorely lacking, both because of the proportions of the premises too deep and the few windows opening onto the garden-patio.

The existing spatial arrangements combined a space for meeting rooms, facing the elevator lobbies, and a company restaurant closed on itself. The whole also suffered from limited access to the garden.

Through the project, we have profoundly revised these provisions and reviewed the programming.

Thus, the meeting rooms have been relocated into an alcove, at the back of the restaurant's stage, and pooled to play the role of small back-up dining rooms during service hours.

The primary objective was to "unlock" the initial arrangement of the spaces in order, on the one hand, to open widely onto the garden, formerly hidden from the exit of the elevators, and on the other hand to restore fluidity to develop new spaces such as the lounge bar, the "market", the "square" and the "greenhouse" of the restaurant, and finally the fast food.

The current arrangements allow users to navigate very easily from one place to another thanks to a distribution clarified in terms of movement and spatial landmarks.

Thus, the "greenhouse" and the "lounge-bar", benefiting from a privileged relationship with the garden which constitutes the heart of this device, they live during the day as in the evening for the greatest pleasure of the users on a daily basis.

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Infos projet

Client :
SAS Prothin
Location :
Courbevoie (92)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Mission :
Maîtrise d'oeuvre complète + OPC
Area :
2 750 m²
Construction cost :
4,8 M€ HT
Phase/date :
Delivery in september 2020