Kindergaten, Marcel Cachin

The extension project is part of a group of buildings from the 1970s that make up the Marcel Cachin School.

Arranged at the reception level with an extracurricular center and in the courtyard with a motor skills center, these two extensions have made it possible to provide new spaces for kindergarten classes.

The architectural intention was to create entities of unitary aspects by the materials and the constructive system with a contemporary aesthetic.

The extensions are made of a wooden structure which has significantly reduced CO2 emissions and this prefabrication has enabled faster installation.

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Infos projet

Client :
Romainville City
Location :
Romainville (93)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Aweck (Technical Studies Office all state corsp)
CSD associés (Fire Safety Systems Coordinator)
Mission :
Complete project management without work monitoring
Area :
450 m²
Construction cost :
1,2 M€ HT
Phase/date :
Delivered in march 2020