29 housing units Brossolette

Located in Montrouge, this mixed-use project includes 29 apartments ranging from T1 to T4 and a ground-floor store.

We wanted to enhance the city's built frontage and place the building as well as possible in the Peri-Brossolette district.

The envelope is made up of loggias, organized in a double thickness of the facade, which protect the apartments from nuisance from the street.

The land is located at the gap between Montrouge and Malakoff and constitutes a benchmark built front for the image of the City of Montrouge.

The constructions adjoining the project are part of the common architectural style of Montrouge.

To the north on Avenue Pierre Brossolette, the adjacent building is adorned with red bricks from level 1 to level 5, a light yellow plaster on the ground floor and a raw concrete base of gray color.

On the side of Avenue de la Paix – Clarissa Jean-Philippe, the vis-à-vis 25-27 is a R + 2 building which houses a hotel restaurant on the corner, and whose facade is a plaster off-white on the ground floor and gray / beige on both floors.

Finally, the adjoining construction of Avenue de la Paix - Clarissa Jean-Philippe is a one-storey house (R + 1) with stone basement and dark gray plaster facade.

On the ground floor, access to the accommodation is from Avenue de la Paix - Clarissa Jean-Philippe and includes a through hall opening onto the landscaped areas of the private courtyard located at the rear.

Through this construction project of 29 housing units, we intend to enhance the architectural landscape of the street like the Peri-Brossolette district of Montrouge while re-qualifying the avenue de la Paix - Clarissa Jean-Philippe at its intersection with the avenue.

Contemporary in style, the future housing building is homogeneous in composition both in the treatment of levels and in the play of materials.

The composition is classic: treatment of the basement of the store and access points on the ground floor, simple and unitary expression of the main building and interposition of a loggia facade on Avenue Pierre Brossolette.

The contemporary architecture of the building, composed of a subtly faceted volume pierced by a composition of large rectangular bays, match colors and materiality that respond to the urban environment of Montrouge and its built heritage.

The shades chosen refer to an environment mixing tones of raw earth and sand, in the colors of plaster, with pebble accents, which the facings of matt and enamelled briquettes help to highlight.

Thus on the sanded tone of the main facade as a backdrop, the nuances of rocks come to rest, between gypsum and pebble, of the bricks which make up the second skin of the volume.

Finally, the choice of pearl white carpentry and guardrails brings quality and brightness to the facade.

The highlight of the composition, the loggia facade offers welcome visual protection on Avenue Pierre Brossolette by creating outdoor spaces for residents that combine the intimacy of the inside and the attractiveness of the outside.

At the same time, this treatment, extended by a simple differentiation of bare materials, allows the facade to be turned over onto Avenue de la Paix-Clarissa Jean-Philippe.

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Infos projet

Client :
SARL Promobat
Location :
Montrouge (92)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Ecothec (BET TCE)
Mission :
Maîtrise d'oeuvre complète
Area :
2 100 m²
Construction cost :
3,2 M€ HT
Phase/date :
Delivery in october 2021