10 housing units, Moon Residency

The project is inspired by traditional Mahorese architecture for the reinterpretation in a contemporary way, adapted to the place and uses.

This approach involves the use of local and bio-sourced materials with local know-how and techniques such as mud brick which is used for filling, and local wood for all structures, passageways and blacons.

The building templates resulting from a bioclimatic analysis, which makes it possible to create through housing, articulated around a central patio, naturally ventilated and protected from the sun and rain.

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Infos projet

Client :
SCI Moon
Location :
Doujani, Mayotte (976)
Team :
ilimelgo (architect)
Omega ingénierie (BET Structure)
Recc (Economist)
CEI (BET Fluids)
Mission :
Maîtrise d'oeuvre complète
Area :
850 m²
Construction cost :
1,8 M€ HT
Phase/date :
PRO in progress 2021